The Rebel Returns

Zwift logoNo, the “Z” is not for Zorro but for Zwift.

Exactly 6 years and 10 days after my last visit, I returned to the realm of Zwift.

As I’ve written in my previous post, Zwift reached out and it looks like they successfully did so 😎

If just 1 out of 5 of the “lost souls” out there – probably on Rouvy, since they’ve added cartoon characters to their RLV videos – bites, a campaign like that is a success…

However, I currently have no bike on my Neo 2T.

I gave my Sensa away and traded in my Domane – I could use the Element, but that’s Paula’s bike now and it doesn’t have 11 gears anyway.

(Note to self:  I’ll need to swap the 11-speed cassette on the 2T for a 12-speed to support my new Ėmonda.)

For now, I’m using my Favero Assioma Duo pedals on the spinning bike.

Power is power, but in my experience, the dynamics of a spinning bike (its flywheel) are different from a “conventional” flywheel trainer and definitely nothing like the Neo.

But it works, so I tried it out.

I took several attempts to get Zwift to upload to Garmin directly, but eventually, it worked.

However, it doesn’t add the (auto) screenshots, but so what…

Zwift - Whole Lotta Lava

They were not lying when they lured me in with the “So much has changed since your last ride on Zwift” argument.

However, the Zwift app on an iPhone 14 (Pro) sucks big time, although the companion app works just fine.

I’ve used my PC for this first session as my paranoid Android TV doesn’t have the required OS version (9) for the Google app.

The Windows (11) software crashed spectacularly when I tried the Makuri Islands, so I didn’t explore any other new options for now and just jumped on the Watopia track.

Which ran fine, but even that has changed significantly, I think, although it has been a while, so maybe I’m wrong.

And I will hook up my Apple TV to it for my next ride and see if the app is any good – or even better – on that.

Then again, that will rely on BLE connections and those often have issues – Ant+ is way more stable.

I’ll let you know in a follow up ✍🏻

2 thoughts on “The Rebel Returns”

  1. I can see there’s not much fun in using Zwift on a smartphone – I haven’t tried the tablet version, maybe that’s better – so they won’t put a lot of effort in it. However, just don’t release crappy software / apps…

  2. Glad to see the Master is giving a chance to Zwift again. And yes, you’re right, to play it with an iPhone (whatever the version is) sucks. A piece of info: now you can race your previous effort if you are riding in the same route, that may be challenging some time to time…

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