To Zwift Or Not To Zwift

Is that even a question?

I mean, I said goodbye to Zwift a few years back as I grew weary of perpetually riding “in” a cartoon world.

Coincidently, I returned to riding cartoon worlds this year when RGT clearly was out of beta and gaining traction.

But in RGT’s realm, you can hardly speak of worlds, or anything even close to Zwift – other than the… cartoons – as it has but a few options.

However, that trial was short-lived, as Wahoo acquired RGT and dubbed/integrated it into SYSTM (along with the Sufferfest they required earlier – nothing is sacred anymore).

And Wahoo (SYSTM) is a hard pass for me, but I can see why it’s a great ecosystem for many.

Today, Zwift reached out…

” So much has changed since your last ride on Zwift. Experience the Zwift fun, and nab a 60-day subscription — for free. Use the unique code below to get Zwifting today.

Try powerful features like Pace Partners and the new HoloReplay that level up your riding! “

They’re offering a 60-day trial, or subscription for free, and I must say, I’m tempted.

As you can read in one of my previous reviews, I did push myself often, trying to grab a jersey and I was therefor doing much more anaerobic/VO2Max efforts.

All I ever do outdoors, as preparation for my delusional “Grand Tours” in the Alps, is threshold and sweet spot.

And I’ve copied that to the BTC where I virtually climb those mountains, but at similar effort levels.

I may push an uncomfortable high wattage for (well) over an hour, but many mountain passes are longer efforts than that anyway.

Which is why I not seldomly overtake someone halfway up the climb, after they left me behind at the start 😂

However, on shorter – and often steep(er) – climbs, I do not have the capacity to do that, let alone keep up with them.

Will “getting back to Zwifting” help me or am I just too old for that shit?

Do I even need to?

I don’t know, but I do know that I need a challenge to “entertain me” and it that respect, Zwift’s jerseys are just what I need.

So maybe you will encounter me wearing one soon and I will not give it up easily 😎

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