New Tires With a Twist

Or how I got a Giant Revolt with my new tires…

With the mileage I’m clocking, it is to be expected that you will need to buy new tyres every now and then.

More tubes for sure, but the tyres will eventually wear out to the point where you’ll need 3 tubes every ride…

Last Saturday, before going to the movies, I entered the LBS for a pair of tyres.

My last two sets of Conti’s Grand Prix 5000 wore out more quickly than their predecessors, so I asked which alternative they had in stock.

As I ride outdoors all year long, I was looking for a more suitable tire for the winter.

But, as my SpeedMax won’t have anything with a “real” profile – although you can put 28/30 mm wide tyres on it – I decided to go for Pirelli P Zero’s this time.

(I’m not expecting that they will last much longer, but we’ll see…)

However, the twist to this so far unremarkable post, is that the guy told me that if I rode all year long, I might be interested in a more “winter ready” bike.

Upon which he showed me a Giant Revolt as a good example.

I politely told him that I would be very much interested in a bike like that, but that there was no way in hell Paula would let me buy another bike.

After all, I just ordered an Émonda a few weeks ago…

As I was about to leave the shop, Paula asked him how much a “winter bike” like that would cost.

While I pinched myself to check if I was (still) dreaming, he told her that this depended on the model you’d like.

Just to make sure she wouldn’t fall for it, I told him Sram eTap AXS, please.

Which is actually an option – but only one with the Rival set – and, like the Émonda, also only comes in one color: the Phantom Green Giant Revolt Advanced 1.

And probably because it’s Rival and has no front shifter (just one chain ring on the crank), the price point didn’t break Paula.

So she ordered one for me, as I was speechless…

I’ll have not one but two new bike days this spring, the Giant Revolt being available/delivered in about two weeks already.

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