Narrow Escape

(Note that this post was written almost a month after the accident – I’ve put off writing it too long, but now that I’m back on my shiny new bike, I felt up to it.)

I’m in for a new bike. Again…

Due to poorly maintained bicycle lanes, I completely wrecked my Columbus Galibier two years ago and seriously damaged the Scapin Etika last year.

This could still – at least in part – be blamed on myself for not noticing the bad road ahead.

However, last month – October 30 – a car driver failed to notice me on a clear crossing, the bicycle lane having priority, and without even so much as an attempt to brake, he hit me.

Because of my split second decision to accelerate and try to get away – the alternative was breaking, but I would definitely have ended up under his wheels – he hit me on my rear wheel instead of full on.

A short flight later, I landed first on the asphalt and then slid through to the grass next to the bicycle lane.

After realizing I was still alive – and conscious – I started to check out body and limbs.

My legs (both knees, right hip) were most painful, as was my left shoulder. I do not recall the flight element, but a bystander/witness gave me A-marks for it…

I guess the smack down was equally gracious, but I didn’t get out of it unharmed.

By the time I managed to sit up, both the witness and the driver were at my side and started checking me out too, asking if they should call an ambulance.

Not having fond memories of previous encounters with the ER services, I declined.

It appeared that I had no (obvious) serious injuries and I could always go there by myself later on.

Next, I wanted to check out my bike. I should probably not have, because I could see immediately that I was facing another total loss…

The frame was broken in several places – I didn’t notice all of them at first – and the rear derailleur was also shredded to pieces.

I was only some 6 km away from home and Paula left at the same time as me to visit a friend that was living not 1 km away from the place of the accident, so I called her to come assist me and pick me up.

After she finished the paperwork with the driver – while I was trying to keep moving to avoid getting stiff – we went home.

I had a bad night, because of the gals and bruises, but also because of the realization that I had a very narrow escape and it could just as easily have been much worse.

I did visit the doctor and the hospital in the following days, but other than some serious contusions, there is no permanent damage and I will be fine.


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