The Col Informer

Cyclopaat’s life being what it is, this is yet another project dedicated to his idiotic cycling the Alps adventures.

If you’re looking for info on the many more he cycled, have a look at the Col Collector page – most reports will give you a good idea about a climb.

Most of them were during his “Tour de France” or “Giro d’Italia” expeditions, but after having a Swiss Stage during 2015’s Giro, he also organized a “Tour de Suisse” in 2019.

The info you find on great sites like CyclingCols are often too generic – just profiles, which usually mean jack shit  – to give you the whole picture.

Click on a link for the corresponding page for (detailed) info on the more ‘famous’ climbs he’s had the pleasure to die on himself.

Col de l'IseranFrance2764
Passo delle StelvioItaly2758
Col AgnelFrance2744
Col de la BonetteFrance2715
2802 (Cime)
Passo GaviaItaly2621
Grossglockner Austria2571
Col du GalibierFrance2556
2642 (loop)
Colle FaunieraItaly2478
Col d'IzoardFrance2360
Passo GiauItaly2236
Col du TourmaletFrance2115
St. GotthardSwitzerland2106
Croix de FerFrance2068
Passo del MortiroloItaly1852
Alpe d'HuezFrance1840
Monte ZoncolanItaly1735
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