Short Stories

Since my visit to the hospital in August I’ve been riding nothing but shorties. I was told that I should “minimize” my rides to no more than 60 kilometers – give or take an ear – and being a good little soldier, I complied.

I was probably more concerned with the whole situation than I care(d) to admit too. And although I’ve not experienced anything like that Saturday, I’m not yet feeling okay.

Further testing has not revealed anything useful, but – on the bright side – it hasn’t revealed anything “bad” either.

Anyway, my rides may now be shorter but the advantage is that I can go faster 🙂 As long as there is no significant incline in the road that is – I quickly run into trouble if I try to push it when going uphill.

Saddening as that might be, there is no trip to any real mountainous area planned and the short trips to the hilly part of my country I immensely enjoyed anyway, just because of the change in scenery.

For I can assure you that the rides around my hometown are definitely no love stories. The adversity against the monotony of the polder roads is only endurable because of the lack of traffic – riding through the city is near impossible because of it.

Apart from drivers in motor vehicles attempting to take your life at every chance they get, it is becoming increasingly hard to avoid the dangers of other traffic.

Cyclists swerving, occupying 125% of the bicycle lane, while operating smart devices, pedestrians – dog walkers, joggers – deaf to my ringing my bell, because of the fat Beats by Dre covering their ears.

And while I’m trying to avoid these hazards, I have a good chance of crashing over a bad section in the road that I do not notice because of it. And if I do manage to overcome all of this, I get scorned anyway, because I’m a mad, drug addicted, cycling psycho.

Well, excuse me for not being addicted to drugs…

We will leave for a trip to Portugal shortly and Paula has made it clear that just mentioning anything related to zee baik, will have serious consequences.

I told her that there is nothing she can do that hasn’t been done (to me) already, but I know better than that – it will be a while again before you may expect an update here.

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