Hochsauerland 2022 – Stage 6

Final round trip stage today, as tomorrow we’ll head home.

Although the temperature was a bit lower today than yesterday, it was actually pretty good and I think it featured the least wind of all my stages this week.

I picked and reversed a 2014 route again, but didn’t want to get over 100 kms, so I shortened it to just over 80 kms.

And where the 2014 ride is mainly remembered for the freezing cold and a hot bath afterwards – considering I never take a bath, that was special – I also noticed the nice scenery back then.

Today was much the same and it was also the one with the most quiet roads I rode over this week.

I mean, traffic is everywhere here and whenever Paula parks the car at the side of the road at some bad looking goat trail, you can bet there will be someone that needs to enter exactly that trail every time, but today I heard nothing but birds during several stretches.

Then again, 30 seconds after Paula parked the car for a lunch break at what looked like a parking spot but nothing special and not “with a view” or something, it was invaded by at least half a dozen motor bikers wanting to pause there as well…

Other than the more pleasant weather and (lack of) traffic, the climbing bits where as much an “obstacle” as they were the rest of the week.

Even if I would be 100%, which is never but age is factor too 😎, I would at least have less trouble getting over those hills.

But I wouldn’t fly like my ClimbPro virtual partner seems to do every climb that pops up.

It has usually finished before I’m even one third or half way up at best.

Not sure what the point of this “feature” is then…

Garmin recording here.

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