Hochsauerland 2022 – Stage 4

I was looking for a route of about 80 kms max and picked the “Kleine Rothaarrunde” which is just under that.

Just 3 kms in, I ran into a closed road (Orkestrasse towards Medelon), so I improvised a detour.

That, plus some minor “Off course” warnings later, brought the total to 84.48 kms.

Which, by accident, gave me a perfect palindrome, but Americans just don’t see it.

That’s totally on them, though 😂😂😂

I again had a stretch of wet road, but missed the shower that created it.

And the temperatures were not much better than yesterday but whenever the sun peeped through, it felt a lot better.

Part of this route was similar to yesterday’s, but unlike yesterday, I didn’t “avoid” the horrible climb from Elkeringhausen to Küstelberg today.

Because of the similarity, I picked up a string of “Local Legends”, which is nowhere near getting a KOM, but I’ll take it 😎

I had a double dose of “candy” this morning and an extra dose during our lunch break – with a view – but on most climbs, I was hanging on by a thread.

And often using only one arm1, clinching the other to my chest, which doesn’t make climbing easier but it made it more bearable most of the time…

Not sure yet what tomorrow will bring me.

I was planning on longer stages in general and at least one over 150 kms but given the injuries, I think I’ll have to put that on ice.

Garmin recording here.

1 It didn’t go unnoticed and Paula was/is not happy about it…
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