Hochsauerland 2022 – Stage 5

Today would bring us the best weather of the week, so I took a shot at a long stage.

Not long enough to push my luck, though, and I had a plan B, cutting off the far end of the loop.

This stage was the Rothaarrunde I did back in 2014, but in reverse direction.

With the little detour I knew I’d have to make approaching Medebach, this would be around 115 kilometers.

I didn’t want to make yesterday’s detour, as that lead me over a goat trail, which was bad enough going up, but best avoided going down…

I “promised” myself Paula that I would take more breaks and switch to plan B if needed.

The weather was – indeed – finally what I had hoped for it to be the whole week and the temperature was around 20 degrees Celsius on average.

Which was quite a change from the (sub) 10 degrees the previous days, so I took extra base layers and a jersey, as higher temperatures means more sweating 😂

What did not change, obviously, was my medical condition – I think it still aggravates a little each day but I’m almost there.

Today – I didn’t have the time to write my post stage report yesterday – I will again plan something I can cut short, if needed.

And it won’t be over 100 kilometers anyway…

Garmin recording here.

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