Hochsauerland 2022 – Prologue

Hochsauerland 2022 - PrologueThe prologue of our Hochsauerland 2022 trip, from Meschede to our apartment in Medebach, went pretty much how I planned it.

When I got out of the car to prepare my start, I noticed the wind was chilly and stronger than I hoped for, but the temperature was not too bad.

While the bruised (broken) ribs did force me to hold back, I was still able to climb relatively easy, as long as I did not get out of the saddle.

I was a bit more weary during the descends, although I nearly hit 70 kph on a few occasions anyway. Then again, most of them were not very technical 😎

Neither were the ascends, but those are not fast. I knew there would be >15% stretches and the ones I didn’t know, where nicely indicated on my Edge with ClimbPro, so I could anticipate.

Apart from a few busy stretches and parts with degraded asphalt, most of the route was enjoyable.

Less enjoyable was the wind, which was ever increasing and a headwind for 84% of the way.

Not surprising if the wind is from the east and that’s the direction you’re travelling in 😂

Garmin recording here.

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