Émonda Surprise

Earlier this week, I got a call from my favourite LBS (Jean Habets) that my Émonda had finally arrived.

However, they told me they were so busy that I could forget about it being ready for a test ride this weekend.

When they called me again on Friday, I assumed they wanted to talk about a few details regarding prepping the Émonda, but they actually caught me by surprise, saying it was ready for pick up.

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While I would have liked a Trek Deamon, I was allowed to buy a Trek Émonda.

This post is about how I got away with that…

In 2020, I traded my Sensa for a Trek.

I got the Domane SL 5, which is just above entry level for Trek 😂

(It wasn’t even € 3,000 at the time, they are more expensive now…)

When I got my SpeedMax CF8 a year later, which came with Sram eTap AXS electronic shifting – and “wireless” at that – I was sure I’d never go back to mechanical shifting.

Okay, yes, I got my Sonora MTB this year and it has mechanical shifting, but that was just an extra “fun bike”, costing less than the fork for my SpeedMax…

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