If It’s Not On Strava, It Happend All The Same

At the end of our “holiday” on Tenerife, I’ve written my usual recap.

Before we went there, I posted on Strava that we were (going there) and that I would let my Strava subscrption expire after we got back.

I’ve cancelled the auro-renewal, put all my activities in “private” mode and am currently contemplating on whether or not to delete my account altogether.

However, I have probably more posts with links to Strava entries – that are no longer working anyway – than I figured beforehand.

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Strava – Flagging Virtual Activities

(This is just a rant, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, stop reading…)

Not for the first time, I had (an old) virtual ride on Strava flagged.

(9/19/22: The link is to the Garmin recording, as my Strava account is no longer public, so the KOM is irrelvant now 😎)

I know that sometimes this is just done out of spite for losing one’s KOM, or because someone thinks that if you ride in ERG mode, your Watts are not really Watts.

(Trust me: I’ve been accused of “cheating” that way, see for instance: Rouvy Double Legend)

I often do not even bother to “appeal”, although this – flagging of a virtual ride – is against Strava’s own policy.

They will not implement a change making this flagging impossible, though…

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