Rouvy Legend

I became a Rouvy Legend somewhere last year, meaning I completed all the tasks of the career path. Which would have meant that I could finally retire and die in peace, if it wouldn’t have been for a drastic change in the career concept.

After my ‘Tour de France 2017‘, I had a few spins in and just outside my backyard, but by October 1st, I was ready to start the indoor season.

My main app for training is obviously Rouvy which has been my favorite for the past two and a half years or so (see my original post on indoor apps from February 16, 2016).

As I own a vast collection of films with footage from just about every major EU/US climb, scenic ride and Ironman track, I have enough to watch while training, other than what Rouvy itself offers. And sometimes I use ‘free ride’ mode for a recovery spin, in which case I put on one of these films too.

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Indoor Training Tools

Indoor season

Disclaimer: this post is reviewed or updated every now and then and the reviewed tools / platforms do frequently also get updates or added features. I cannot guarantee that features or prices mentioned here are still accurate at the time you read this post.

Updates to this post:

  • January 2022 – here: despite what you can read below and in my previous follow up post, you may be surprised to read that I – briefly – returned to a cartoon network 😂
  • January 2019 – new (follow up) post here
  • December 2017
  • November 2016

These updates perfectly show how both the various platforms themselves and the way I look at them change over time 😎

Over the years, I’ve come across many indoor training tools, either as platform or software package, that (claim) to make your ‘mind-numbingly dull’ indoor training more bearable. And at times I’ve written short reviews on them. As the current indoor season comes to a close, I’m wrapping up my experiences, hoping this will be useful for you.

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