Holiday Plans 2022

Hoping for the best with regards to the pandemic and – perhaps even scarier – provided that the mad dog in the Kremlin doesn’t destroy the planet, we have booked two holidays for this year.

One will be a week in Hochsauerland (Germany) where we have rented an apartment as the base camp for another cycling week.

But the other one is two weeks of sun fun.

For Paula.

On Tenerife…

Frequent visitors of this blog will already know what’s coming next 😂

But if you’re a first time visitor, I refer to the reports on two previous such vacations on Mallorca and Gran Canaria.

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A Well Deserved Holiday

Since I had my fair share of fun during last year’s ‘Tour de France‘, we had no cycling adventures scheduled for this year.

Instead, it was Paula’s turn to book a trip, which basically means she picks a location where we get close to ‘100% sun guarantee’.

This usually means Egypt, but since we have been there so often already, she settled for a little less certainty by booking an apartment in Playa del Inglés.

On Gran Canaria…

You remember what happened that time she decided to go to Mallorca, right?

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