Giro d’Italia 2015 – Stage 7

Tori di Fraele & Bormio 2000

Today I was going to find out if there were going to be more stages in this year’s Giro.

The intensive treatment had done me good, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to cycle, let alone climb a mountain.

I planned a first stage from Bormio that was not too difficult – I did that when still at home, thinking I would need a “recovery” after the previous stage from Corvara to Bormio.

It involved the climb up to Bormio 2000 and I had the option to include the Torri di Fraele (Cancano) or not – I would know after Le Motte, a stinging climb of around 3 kilometers…

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Giro d’Italia 2011 – Rest Day

Rest Day

Giro 2105 - Torri di FraeleAs if to punish him, poor C. – having a well deserved day off – witnessed that the weather today was good.

Rain and more rain the previous three days, but not today 🙁

Hopefully, this weather will continue through tomorrow, because the ‘Mapei Day’ climb of the Stelvio will be more enjoyable, certainly since there also will be no motorized traffic during the event(s).

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