Hochsauerland 2023

Up next: Hel van Klimmen and Hochsauerland 2023.

Last year, I participated in the Hel van Klimmen for the first time in its new format.

This is a cleverly organized “Gran Fondo” where you are never far from start/finish and (thus) there’s no need for extra refill/stop stations along the route, since you pass it 3 or 4 times.

As last year, I’ve opted for the long course – duh – but this year it’s 10 kms longer.

If I do not feel up to the task halfway – or whenever – it’s only a short struggle to get back to where Paula will be waiting in the team car 🤣

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Up Next: Hochsauerland

Tomorrow we’ll depart for the Hochsauerland area, our base camp being an apartment – or “FeWo” for Ferienwohnung – in Medebach.

This will be our third trip there, but unlike when going to the Alps, where you can basically never go wrong if you want to climb a mountain, this will still need some planning.

Luckily, the splendid site “Bike Arena Sauerland” has all the trips listed that you need and I’ve picked a few.

If you follow the link to that website, you can see that it’s already concentrated on the area we go to and the rides (filters) I want to pick from.

I’ve selected trips that either start in or pass through Medebach (or at least pass by close to it).

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Hochsauerland 2016

HSK 2016 - Article Header

Medebach Hochsauerland

After our previous trip to the Hochsauerland area in 2014, I promised to come back one day for more cycling and last week we made good on that promise.

Like last time, we rented a cottage in Medebach, which is in ‘High Sauerland District’, the area where the highest ‘mountains’ are located.

And while these, or any other climb around here, will not make it onto my ‘been there, done that‘ list, they offer enough altimeter gains to help you finish a Strava climbing challenge in no time…

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Hochsauerland 2014

Veloviewer Activity WheelLate last year, we booked a ‘mid week’ in a Center Parcs bungalow in Medebach, a town in the Hochsauerland district (or Kreis in German).

Thanks to grocery store Albert Heijn, we had a nice discount on the (usually steep) price, but with a catch: we had to book for a week no later than the last week of March.

The district covers the largest part of the Sauerland mountains, with elevations up to just over 800 meters, which is why I thought it to be a nice (first) training stage for the expedition to the French Alps later this year.

However, as the area is better known for the ski resort Winterberg, I expected temperatures well below comfortable this time of year – I was not disappointed…

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