Tour de France 2022

Tour de France LogoWhen I got home one day and Paula handed me an envelope, I thought for a moment she was handing me the divorce papers.

But it actually contained my birthday present 🤣

It was a printout of a reservation she had made on and while she knows that my hearth lies in the Dolomites, that was just (way) too expensive.

As we both have fond memories of last year’s stay in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, she figured this would be more than a consolation prize.


Those of you (more) actively following me know what this means: another “Tour de France” in the making, although in this case, given the duration, it’s more like a “Critérium du Dauphiné”.

And I was definitely going to try and incorporate some, if not all, of the two last stages of this year’s edition of that in my trip(s).

In the end, that didn’t happen, for practical reasons: the car transfer(s) were just too long.

As our base camp was in the same place – but not the same apartment – as last year, I refer to the posts I wrote back then for more info on the more famous cols in the area.

You can find links to those on the Tour de France 2021’s main page here.

For this year, I was concentrating on last year’s “leftovers” and other lesser know climbs in – or out of – the Maurienne valley.

That was already enough for me more than I could handle under de “hotter than hell” circumstances…

All info and links to posts with stage reports can be found in the menu on the right of this page.

Links to the stages are outgoing to my Garmin account.

Overview and info on all Tour de France adventures here.

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