Tour de France 2014 – Part 3

Post stage reports of my Tour de France 2014 – part 3, with the “Brevet des 7 cols de l’Ubaye” and some amazing side events.


Our final stay this Tour de France 2014 was in Jausiers, located some 7 kilometers from Barcelonnette, were we had an apartment in La Mexicaine, right at the foot of the Bonette.

In fact, no less than three of the cols for the “Brevet des 7 cols de l’Ubaye” are starting here: besides the Bonette, the Vars and the ‘Montée de Sant-Anne’ start around the corner.

Plus, the Larche is nearby, but that is no longer part of the brevet.

However, I planned on climbing that anyway, perhaps combined with the Fauniera.

In the end, I climbed both, but I made the Fauniera a stage of its own and I’m glad I did.

It was the most memorable stage of this Tour de France 2014…

Two more climbs for the “Brevet des 7 cols de l’Ubaye” – the Cayolle and the Allos – are starting from Barcelonnette and the final two – Saint-Jean1 and Pontis – are a bit further away, starting from Le Lauzet.

You can also rent a B&B room with Heidi and Kristof – if you ever consider going to the area, I highly recommend this place!

Tour de France 2014 - Part 3: View from the apartment in Jausiers towards the Bonette

Round up

Look for pictures of part 3 in the “Best Of Gallery

Adding up the numbers on Strava gives me 1,160 kilometers of cycling and over 37,000 meters of elevation gain – give or take an ear…

Tour de France 2014 – main page.

1 The Saint-Jean has since been re[laced by the Col des Fillys via the way more attractive – quiet – D7 instead of the D900…

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