Tour de France 2014 – Part 2

Post stage reports of my Tour de France 2014 – part 2, with half a Marmotte, the Cinglé du Mont Ventoux and long transfers by car.

To Bédoin And Back

I redesigned the road book a little to accommodate for the transfers, as both the one to Bédoin and the one to Jausiers would be over three hours.

As usual, I was a little optimistic when I plotted the transition stage involving the Croix de Fer, Télégraphe and Galibier.

Meaning I arrived later at the summit of the Galibier than anticipated and the trip from there to Bédoin took a lot longer too.

Especially the part to get from the Galibier to Grenoble over the busy N1091, passing through numerous villages, was taking forever and we didn’t arrive in Bédoin before 9pm.

With the triple ascend of the Ventoux planned the next day, this was really poor planning on my part.


This part’s main event: Cinglé du Mont Ventoux

Cinglé du Mont Ventoux: entering Bédoin

Saturday – rest and transfer day

The transfer from Bédoin to Jausiers for part 3 of the Tour de France 2014 was a rest day for me, but I wouldn’t have been able to cycle after that effort anyway…

But I could tell that for Paula the stress of driving endless hours in the car, plus getting out of it to assist me or take pictures (in the heat as well as in the cold) was also taking its toll.

So, I decided to change the road book (again), because this was just the excuse I needed to avoid completely destroying myself too.

The seven cols for the brevet are paramount, the optional loops and connecting climbs will be scrapped whenever possible.

However, I would still – very much – like to get up the Agnel, Izoard and dei Morti.

We’ll see – at any rate, I didn’t get on the bike today…

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  1. I have noticed that too about some climbs. It really is like on the last bit they decide they are running out of space to make the road and just jack up the last section! Incredible trip…I love reading about it!!

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