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As you will/should know, my favorite cycling activity is destroying myself on as many cols/passes I can find.

While my heart lies in the Dolomites, I never object to any other area with mountains to do that.

The Orange Cheeto has beaten me to it, but I, too, have an announcement to make that actually has any value.

And no, unlike that moron’s, mine – obviously – is not one that will make any MAGAt happy, but I’m sure that none of those is reading my blog.

After all, it’s not about child-trafficking – and worse – reptiles ruling the world or any other conspiracy theory.

Which they love so much they’d kill or die for it, in order to rule the world NAZI-style instead.

Sorry, I got carried a way a bit there and that distracts from the actual announcement.

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Hochsauerland 2022 – Best Of Gallery

Okay, I didn’t make a “Best Of” gallery for our Hochsauerland trip either and that’s a lot easier to sort out than for Tenerife, so here you are 😎

After these two galleries, it may be a while before I create another, so don’t hold your breath for Tenerife.

(Seriously, it’s more work than you think: sorting them, picking the “best”, resize (plus often rotate) and then upload them 😅)

However, I will eventually make that too.

As always: if you’re interested in the HiRes originals, drop me a line…

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Hochsauerland 2022 – Recap

With the Epilogue ending in a complete cluster fuck, our first (short) trip of this year came to an end last Saturday.

But that stage is not representative of the whole week we spent there.

As before (in 2014 and 2016) I mostly enjoyed cycling the area.

And I say “mostly” because the roads and climbs are always there – and I’m getting familiar with the area by now – but the weather is unpredictable and had a somewhat negative effect on the overall experience.

On the other hand, the apartment was even better than we hoped for and definitely the place we’ll book again the next time.

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Hochsauerland 2022 – Epilogue

The epilogue of my Hochsauerland Tour 2022 turned into a complete cluster fuck.

Not (only) because of the weather: mostly foggy and back to near freezing temperatures, which is not nice but you can dress for that.

But while I usually meticulously plan and (double) check my route, I completely dropped the ball on this one.

And when I (finally) gave up, I managed to not save my ride 🤦‍♂️

I pushed the stop button, put my Edge in my back pocket to get the bike in the car, then changed clothes, only to find that the touch screen had received “input” that discarded my ride…

We ended at the Brilon Wald railway station we used for a break before, but even they had nothing to offer today, so no strudel to finish off the tour…

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Hochsauerland 2022 – Stage 6

Final round trip stage today, as tomorrow we’ll head home.

Although the temperature was a bit lower today than yesterday, it was actually pretty good and I think it featured the least wind of all my stages this week.

I picked and reversed a 2014 route again, but didn’t want to get over 100 kms, so I shortened it to just over 80 kms.

And where the 2014 ride is mainly remembered for the freezing cold and a hot bath afterwards – considering I never take a bath, that was special – I also noticed the nice scenery back then.

Today was much the same and it was also the one with the most quiet roads I rode over this week.

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