Hochsauerland 2023 – Report

Report on our trip to Hochsauerland 2023.

Last week – 27th of May to 3rd of June –  we spent a week in one of Germany’s cycling mecca’s of “midrange hills”, the Hochsauerland.

The Hochsauerland hills will bring you up to 800 meters and it has one of the best websites to plan your trips: Bike Arena Sauerland.

Once again, Medebach was our base camp and this time we even stayed in the same apartment as last year.

did look at the site to see if there were any new interesting routes, but I was struck by a cervical herniated disc injury a week before we left.

That type of injuries are – like the lumbar ones – not new to me, since my car accident back in 2002.

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Hochsauerland 2023

Up next: Hel van Klimmen and Hochsauerland 2023.

Last year, I participated in the Hel van Klimmen for the first time in its new format.

This is a cleverly organized “Gran Fondo” where you are never far from start/finish and (thus) there’s no need for extra refill/stop stations along the route, since you pass it 3 or 4 times.

As last year, I’ve opted for the long course – duh – but this year it’s 10 kms longer.

If I do not feel up to the task halfway – or whenever – it’s only a short struggle to get back to where Paula will be waiting in the team car 🤣

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About Time

As you will/should know, my favorite cycling activity is destroying myself on as many cols/passes I can find.

While my heart lies in the Dolomites, I never object to any other area with mountains to do that.

The Orange Cheeto has beaten me to it, but I, too, have an announcement to make that actually has any value.

And no, unlike that moron’s, mine – obviously – is not one that will make any MAGAt happy, but I’m sure that none of those is reading my blog.

After all, it’s not about child-trafficking – and worse – reptiles ruling the world or any other conspiracy theory.

Which they love so much they’d kill or die for it, in order to rule the world NAZI-style instead.

Sorry, I got carried a way a bit there and that distracts from the actual announcement.

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