Tour de France 2023 – Taper Week

Tour de France LogoTaper week for my Tour de France 2023 has begun.

Next Friday, stage one of my Tour de France 2023 is on the menu.

Therefor, it is only logical that tapering has begun, right?

One day I might find out what that actually means for me, but as usual, I have no clue.

It’s all well documented – more or less – for that one day “race”, but for a multi stage event…

There are references for pros including a taper week before the race.

But I’m not a pro and I do not have a plan starting 8 months out, let alone that it involves the kind of stuff they do.

I mean, the Hochsauerland trip hardly qualifies as “altitude training” and I suck at HIIT workouts.

The occasional trip down South also gives me some hills and many of those actually would be perfect for HIIT sessions, which I – sort of – tried yesterday.

No, almost all I do is sweet spot in my pancake flat backyard, which is why I can get up those mountains in the first place.

All of my stages involve several 10 to 30 kilometer long mountain (pass) climbs each day and that is not what the pros’ Tour de France is about.

Let alone that they would do so with the kind of physical problems I have…

I doubt I would be able to finish a stage after a crash, sustaining a broken knee cap or something like that, but I pretty much endure a similar pain every day,

No, I don’t have to – nobody is forcing me to get on my bike and in fact Paula is often “advising” me not to, but she knows I will do it anyway.

You might not find it worth the effort “just” to be able to enjoy the stunning landscapes, surroundings and spectacular views, but that is why I’m doing it.

On a bicycle and not on a motorcycle or from within a car 😂

Speaking of medical issues: the multiple problems I have in my lower back are operable, with a 13,000 Euros price tag.

As this would be done in Germany, my medical insurance might compensate about 1/3 of that, but that still leaves a hefty amount.

Obviously – if you are a frequent visitor of this blog you should know – Paula is already pushing me to take it.

It would, as they say, “increase the quality of (my) life” – and probably make me grumpy a lot less often – so that is a compelling reason.

And I have bikes that are almost as costly as that operation – less the possible insurance reduction – so it should be a no-brainer…

But first, my Tour de France 2023 – the first ever to take place in (part of) the Pyrenees, so every day will bring new challenges.

I can’t promise – if you even care – that I will write a post-stage report every day, but keep an eye on my blog and/or check my Garmin feed to follow the adventure.

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