Émonda Surprise

Earlier this week, I got a call from my favourite LBS (Jean Habets) that my Émonda had finally arrived.

However, they told me they were so busy that I could forget about it being ready for a test ride this weekend.

When they called me again on Friday, I assumed they wanted to talk about a few details regarding prepping the Émonda, but they actually caught me by surprise, saying it was ready for pick up.

As obviously they had to go through hoops and loops to achieve this, I did the same to change my schedule to go and get it.

I had a spin on it yesterday and felt exhilarated the whole ride, but thought of Gino Mäder during every descent…

After a few more rides, I will share my “First Impressions” of the Émonda – I can already say that, beside its great looks, it is sheer pleasure to ride it 🥳

My new Émonda on display with Vijlen as backdrop.
My new Émonda on display with Vijlen as backdrop.

Now, with the Émonda being ready, fine-tuning aside, my personal weight loss is the next challenge.

(Medical update: I’ll get a bone scan next for my hip problem. The MRI confirmed the herniated (L) discs and a bone bruise – the bone scan is meant to look for a bruise inside the bone structure, i.e. the soft part inside the hard “shell”…)

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