First World Problems

Or how a world-wide shitstorm creates first world problems for an overly privileged white guy…

As you may have read – but probably have not – I was allowed to buy a Trek Émonda (SL 7) late last year and a Giant Revolt (Advanced 1) early this year.

The former was a trade-in for my Trek Domane, the latter came with the new tires for my Canyon SpeedMax

This array of bikes – not to mention the additional one on my Tacx Neo 2T – is enough to prove my point about being privileged and make many of you weep.

It’s the “world is on fire” and shitstorm part of my opening sentence, that is creating somewhat of a “First World Problems” challenge in actually getting what you were allowed to buy…

Of course that pales in comparison to problems people less fortunate than me have to endure because of a mad dog dictator.

There are many, one committing more atrocities than the other, but I’m referring to the one in the Kremlin in this particular case.

His wish to recreate the murderous empire he admires so much, at any cost, has plunged large parts of the economy in disarray.

And many millions of people, never to be even part of said empire, to starve to death as the food supply chain is also broken.

My first world problem is that the Émonda was scheduled for delivery in March, but that has been pushed back to June.

If it get pushed back much further, I will have to ride my Tour de France 2023 on my Revolt, as that was available in a week, since the LBS had one in stock.

While it has a suitable granny gear and fat tires, should I want to stray off paved roads, I would really like to have the Émonda before we depart to France, with time left to break it in.

And just so that you pity the fool even more: I also ordered a new van last October, which was also scheduled for delivery in March.

However, that has been rescheduled for December 30, 2099 – I seriously doubt I will still be around by that time 🤪

(I know it just means they don’t know when it will be delivered, but it’s funny that they specifically mention 2099…)

So, as you have seen all the other pictures already – or probably you have not – I present you with a picture of something else than a bike for once.

Although I only buy a van because it comes in handy as a means of transportation for my bikes…

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