Canyon SpeedMax CF8 SE

My Canyon SpeedMax was in for a parts swap and I decided to “slightly” adjust it into a “Second – and Limited – Edition”.

I needed to replace the worn out chain, cassette and (big) chain ring.

This what you get when you ride 13+ K (8.1+ K for John) on your bike all year round, I guess…

(I ride a lot more, but the other – gravel/MTB/dedicated Tacx/spinning – bikes do not wear out my Canyon.)

As I hardly ever – as in next to never – use my small chainring, and only about 5 of the 12 cogs on the cassette, I made a change to the gearing.

As the cassette needed to stay the same, I opted to replace the 50-39 front chain ring to a single 50T.

I picked the X-SYNC Direct Mount – it doesn’t have the “integrated” Quark PM, but I didn’t use that either.

As I have no clue as to how to do any tinkering on a bike – or anything else for that matter – I handed it in at the LBS for conversion.

The front derailleur could obviously be removed, leaving me with the up-down button press for the rear cassette and no simultaneous pressing them to move the chain to another ring in the front.

I got it back within 4 hours, so I could ride it the same afternoon (Friday)

While I have “lost” 12 gears, in reality it doesn’t make a difference for me and I think it does look better 😎

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