About Time

As you will/should know, my favorite cycling activity is destroying myself on as many cols/passes I can find.

While my heart lies in the Dolomites, I never object to any other area with mountains to do that.

The Orange Cheeto has beaten me to it, but I, too, have an announcement to make that actually has any value.

And no, unlike that moron’s, mine – obviously – is not one that will make any MAGAt happy, but I’m sure that none of those is reading my blog.

After all, it’s not about child-trafficking – and worse – reptiles ruling the world or any other conspiracy theory.

Which they love so much they’d kill or die for it, in order to rule the world NAZI-style instead.

Sorry, I got carried a way a bit there and that distracts from the actual announcement.

No, my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is that I will finally visit the Pyrenees July/August next year.

I’ve been planning that a couple of times, only to decide to go elsewhere, but in 2023, my “Tour de France” will be concentrated on “Les Pyrénées”.

We’ve already booked an apartment in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, just north of Campan.

Which means that the start of the climb up the Tourmalet is within cycling distance of our apartment.

Not to mention that Argèles-Gazost is not far away, from where (another) array of famous Tour de France cols is up for grabs.

These include Hautacam (ugh), the Spandelles and the Aubisque.

I’m counting on avoiding mishaps the coming months so that my upcoming planning for 2023’s Tour de France will not be in vain.

Keep an eye on my blog to stay in the loop!

And before I forget: we will – again – visit the Hochsauerland as preparation.

In June this time, so hopefully we will have good weather for a change…

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