If It’s Not On Strava, It Happend All The Same

At the end of our “holiday” on Tenerife, I’ve written my usual recap.

Before we went there, I posted on Strava that we were (going there) and that I would let my Strava subscrption expire after we got back.

I’ve cancelled the auro-renewal, put all my activities in “private” mode and am currently contemplating on whether or not to delete my account altogether.

However, I have probably more posts with links to Strava entries – that are no longer working anyway – than I figured beforehand.

I will go through my posts as I routinely do, because I (also) often add an outgoing link to sites or articles that disappear as well and I hate dead ends.

(Actually, I use a plugin link checker, which always fails on my YouTube links for some reason, whereas clicking those is just fine 🤷‍♂️)

I may make some entries “public” again to avoid having to replace my links with the Garmin ones.

Then again, everything on Strava stems from Garmin, I have more of Garmin’s crappy devices than I should and I actually only have Strava for their bold marketting motto:

“If It’s Not On Strava, It Didn’t Happen”

Well, I’ve played along long enough and I’m done with the “Uh Oh” messages whenever a Bkooler crushes my indoor KOM pushing 800 Watts for an hour.

Or an outdoor one to someone on a speed pedelec, recumbent bike torpedo or drafting off a car.

At least the torpedos fall flat on an uphill 😂

Just as I had enough of being flagged – for presumably cheating  on my indoor rides – and competing against “Local Legends” that use three devices during the same outdoor ride to record it 1.

Obviously I can lie that I don’t care and many of you actually don’t, but like with the Sufferfest and Rouvy, that’s not how I tick.

So, I’m out. Wanna stay “in touch” for whatever it’s worth?

Subscribe to my blog (bottom of the right sidebar) to be informed when I post something new or my YouTube channel for my latest videos.

You can also email me on cyclopaat <at> bikerebel <dot> com (duh).

At any rate, take care and stay safe out there!

1 As long as you do not start them all at once but just a minute or so apart, you will be awarded three rides for everything, all challenges and Local Legends. Strava is unable to filter out activities by the same user that are for 99% identical and simultaneously happening. Then again, for me to see “Cyclopaat rode with Cyclopaat and Cyclopaat” would make perfect sense 🤪

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