TDF 2022 – Maurienne Valley Part 1

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I have planned two stages to the Haute-Savoie, but there’s plenty to be had starting at my doorstep in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne.

These “left-overs” from last year’s Tour de France will probably keep me busy for – at least – another two stages.

Besides cols I can find on, there’s even more misery to be found on 😎

For instance, climbs like Le Pérousaz and Le Tyl and Charbutan, are not listed on

Not even the “extention” to Col de Beau Plan, the Col de Beaune is on it.

As all of these are connected, it should be possible to construct a stage involving them, from different starting points.

I’m resorting to either or to construct my stages for the rest of my “roadbook”.

Strava never really was the best tool, but as of late, it is near impossible to create a descent route, as it takes random shortcuts, involving goat trails.

(And yes, I have set preferred surface to “paved” and it was pain in the butt to create the two Haute-Savoie stages…)

There are over half a dozen climbs like last year’s L’Ogère and Valfréjus which I can cycle starting from my doorstep.

This is a stage with the Col de Beaune from both ends, with Le Pérousaz in between those.

(it’s not nescessarily stage 1, but it is one of 8, including a prologue and an epilogue 😎)

That’s probably more than enough to keep me busy for a day, but for all ideas I have, the actual outcome may be different.

For instance, I could construct “a and b” stages, i.e. two on one day, with a lunch break at home.

I’ve done that in 2014 and 2017 a few times.

This stage could be further extended with half a Charbutan, meaning going back down a bit from the Beaune summit in the direction I came from and then up to that place.

If I really want to go nuts, I’ll get back down all the way to Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte first.

In any case, the ridiculously hard climb to La Saussaz – I’m judging it might well be even more idiotic than the Finestre from Susa I did in 2017 – is going to be a hard pass…

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