TDF 2022 – Maurienne Valley Part 2

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I have planned two stages to the Haute-Savoie, but there’s plenty to be had starting at my doorstep in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne.

These “left-overs” from last year’s Tour de France will probably keep me busy for – at least – another two stages.

My previous post was about climbs leading out of the valley on the north side, this one is about a similar stage with cols on the other end.

I actually had one such stage planned last year, but that was cancelled as I managed to break myself.

As stated, I’m either using or to construct my stages whereas the former is the easier one to use, as you just have to click the col you want to add it to the route.

Although there are two alternatives to get up to Albane, I cannot pick the one over the D81.

The one passing by/through Karelis (the same <link> as above) is okay, but perhaps there are construction works going on right now.

I’ll find out when I get there…

The other one is going in the opposite direction of our apartment, Léard.

As this is a short – but not easy – stage, I may have a shot at La Toussire from Saint-Pancrace.

I cycled up to La Toussiere during last year’s Tour de France stage 2, coming down from the Croix de Fer, taking a left at Peirrepin…











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