Hochsauerland 2022 – Stage 2

Long story short: soaked, cold, miserable and a closed restaurant where I planned a (lunch) break.

Today’s stage was one of the courses I plotted last week, but weather cannot be plotted, so I should either have scrapped it – it was raining lightly when I started – or, as I usually do, just go with flow.

I was hoping for a little more occasional periods of “drizzle”, though, but I got proper rain for about 3/4 of the ride.

My expensive Castelli wind and water proof jacket is worth every penny, but even the best shoe covers only hold out the water for about 30 minutes.

Not to mention the bib shorts and gloves – I had to switch to “winter” (6-14 degrees) waterproof gloves because my fingers were getting numb…

To add to the fun: the restaurant at the Kahler Asten, the literal highlight of this week, was closed..

It’s actually closed from Monday to Thursday, which is odd, as I’ve been to the Kahler Asten before, in 2016, and that was on a Tuesday in September

They probably have a different schedule for summer and winter, and if the former is between May and October, that would explain why I was out of luck today.

Plus, there was no view to speak of…

I got mad at my Edge (1030 Plus) again, as no matter the grade, it was stuck below 3% all the time.

The color coded ClimbPro offers at least some assistance, but as I like to “know” instead of “guess by feel” what I’m actually facing, this always annoys me.

Before using the “Correct Elevation” feature… 

My rib injuries are growing more into a seriously worrisome issue every day and the “clicking” I feel inside, every other pedal stroke when climbing, isn’t very comforting either.

We’ll see how I get through the rest of the day and night and go from there tomorrow morning.

And obviously, at least for now, the sun is shining while I write this 🤐

Garmin recording here.

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