Hochsauerland 2022 – Stage 1

Today’s stage was not in the planning I made last week.

I remembered – as I did in 2016 – from my ride there in 2014, that the view at the “Diemelsee Staumauer” (translated to the dam at Lake Diemel / Diemel Reservoir, although there’s also a small municipality with the name Diemelsee) is spectacular and would be worth another visit.

I reversed and slightly modified 2014’s route, giving me a total of around 95 kms.

If I would be able to swallow that, I could start thinking about 100+ km routes…

We didn’t leave early but it was still chilly – typical wind chill in this case – but the climb out of Medebach to Küstelberg warmed me up nicely.

It was followed by another climb to get to Winterberg, but after that it was long downhill to Wulmeringhausen, with a tail wind that was battering me yesterday when it was a headwind and a slowly killing uphill 😂

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that easy to find an open restaurant as people around here apparently adhere to “Sunday rest”.

But the railway station in Brilon Wald was about halfway and open, serving a mean “apfelstrudel” with vanilla bourbon ice cream.

The view at the “Sperre” was as I remembered it and the rest of the way back went rather smoothly, with a break in the middle of nowhere for a sandwich.

I’m not sure yet about longer rides. Distance may not be the problem, but today’s ride was relatively easy in altimeter/number of climbs terms…

Garmin recording here.

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