New Gran Fondo Pages

As an ongoing display of “Too much time on my hands”, “I have no life” and “Do you not understand the futility of what you’re doing?”, the answer to that being “Bite me – I know you love it”, I have added pages for my favorite Gran Fondos.

They are: the Maratona dles Dolomites, the Marmotte Alpes and the Sella Ronda Bike Day.

Yes, I could have spared myself the effort of creating a page for the latter, as it is part of the long version of the Maratona.

Did you not understand the first sentence of this post?

Besides, the Sella Ronda can be ridden clock- and counter-clockwise and started wherever you want during the event.

The Maratona (always) starts in la Villa and rides the clockwise Sella Ronda.

And because everybody loves a good picture, here are three bonus pictures, taken during each event.

(As you can see, smartphone camera’s have improved a lot over the years. All picture here were taken with an iPhone and the Gardena picture (2011) was taken with an iPhone 3gs, definitely of a lower quality than the pictures Paula took with a normal digital camera.)

On the Giau
On the Giau during my 2020 Maratona


On the Gardena during the Sella Ronda Bike Day in 2011
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