Canyon SpeedMax

Canyon SpeedMax CF 8 eTapWell, as expected, we’re already over 3 months into 2021 and although vaccination has started, the outlook for any return to normalcy is still grim.

But, as there’s enough to read about that elsewhere and my blog is mostly about happy things, I want to share something else.

As I mentioned in my “New Year’s” post, I had my eye on the Canyon SpeedMax ever since I rode one in September last year.

They told me then that they had no idea when they would come up with a disc version of that though, so two or three months later, the 2021 model showed disc brakes 😂

After I had occasionally been drooling over the pictures – bike porn – for about three months, Paula last week casually asked me if I was ever going to order one…

Um, what?


Now, the “problem” was to find the one I wanted and which would be available this year. Many of the models – there are like 24 – are not available until the end of the year and/or in my size.

But, I chatted with them for some help and the CF 8 Disc Force eTap AXS was in stock. I figured that eTap was the Sram equivalent of Di2 – it is – and as I have always had Shimano components on my bike, I wasn’t sure about that.

I quickly Googled that group (DC Rainmaker is usually your friend) and called the experts, i.e. the LBS. Which, I might add, is not so local, as it is 220 kilometers away, in the south of my country.

Convinced that it was a good choice, I ordered one and today it arrived.

In a box…

Which I opened and quickly closed again 😎

I’ll drop it off at a local mechanic tomorrow and he will put it together. I can ride, but I can’t put a bike together…

Hopefully, I’ll get it back just in time to take it for a spin the coming days, as the weather is about to change for the better.

Stay tuned, as I will write a post about my first experiences with my shiny new Canyon SpeedMax.

(I did and you can read it here)

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