3T Vola Team Stealth

Having enjoyed our holiday in the ever sunny beach resort of Hurghada – average temperature around 32 degrees Celsius, 11 to 12 hours of sun per day – we returned to a ridiculously cold hometown.

With temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees, I felt like having landed somewhere in the Arctic and cycling was resumed on the trainer once again.

I’m lucky enough to have multiple platforms to chose from, ranging from Zwift, to CVT and Tacx (TTS), but even so I eventually feel like the BTC is collapsing on me.

Besides, the Batbike was standing in the corner of the living room, like one of the many statues of Egyptian gods we have collected over the years and I was feeling more guilty every day for not taking it out.

I delivered it to the LBS before we went on our holiday, so they could fit a ‘proper’ aerobar: I opted for the 3T Vola Team Stealth which is being labeled ‘mid-range’.

At a total of around 750 Euros, I dare not ask what a ‘high- or top-end’ aerobar would cost you, but it probably involves selling a kidney…

Looking silly when wearing Paula's hatAnyway, little did I know that delivery of the components needed to assemble the thing would require over a month, so zee baik was not ready when I got home.

Which made me feel a little less guilty. After all, I received a lot of praise for its dashingly good looks, except for the clip-on aerobar.

Now, I do not usually care much for remarks like having a saddle bag, the legally required bell or unshaven legs, but in this case, I was in agreement that it looked like me wearing one of Paula’s hats.

She looks amazing with (or without) anything on her head, but I just look silly.

On second thoughts, that might not be because of the hat, but anyway…

Eventually all components where delivered and the Vola was mounted on the Batbike.

And if you thought she looked mean before, you will now probably shit your pants when looking at her.

And lo and behold, just as everything was put together, the weather changed and we had our week of summer for this year, so I could actually go out and test it.

It took me a couple of rides to fine tune everything, including my own position(ing) on the bike and I’m probably having another bike fit to make sure everything is okay.

The Vola was something to get used to in the beginning, with the brakes and shifters being placed differently, but I got accustomed to it quickly.

And although it may make no sense, cornering has become easier for me. Or at least, while with my hands on the bar ends, not while in the aero position, obviously 🙂

Maybe because the width of the areobar is ‘only’ 38 cm, as opposed to the ‘standard’ fit of 42 cm.

The Batbike with 3T Vola Team StealthSo, my backyard rides are fine, but I will need to (gain) experience in serious descends, especially the technical ones, i.e. with (lots of) sharp hairpins.

Also, the shape of the Vola does not allow for placement of the hands on the top – or in the middle – of the bar, which may need getting used to during long climbs too.

In the meantime, during my rides, I have become to admire the behavior of the Sensa even more.

Despite my everlasting love for the Scapin I once had, before some cuntpuddle wrecked it with his car, I have to admit that this is without a doubt the best bike I’ve had so far.

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