Giro d’Italia 2015 – Countdown

Yes, I am completely bonkers and yes, I do know that UCI’s Giro d’Italia has finished.

And I have enjoyed watching that very much, with Contador’s comeback on the Mortirolo probably being the most exciting hour of an overall eventful race.

However, that was just to warm me up for my own Giro d’Italia 2015, which will obviously be even more epic and I am counting down the days left to the start…

In previous posts, I’ve outlined the stages and needless to say that I get overly excited every time I (re)read those.

I cycled with my buddy Stefan in the south of my country last Sunday and on every climb I was picturing one I’m intending to do in Italy.

Realizing that a more or less famous climb like the Cauberg is not much more than an appetizer for any climb in Italy, since many of those will be between 10 and 25 times the length of that…

For instance, the steep(est) 200 meters of the Cauberg, multiplied by 50 is what awaits you on the Mortirolo.

Of course, since I – as per usual – grossly overestimate my not so super powers, I also realized that I am in for a challenge that may prove to be too much.

As I do not easily engage in self reflection, this must be serious – therefor I do have a backup plan.

I love to cycle
Yes, I did use this last year too and yes, I still know that the Latin text is not what that means 😎

Besides, Paula is still recovering from her surgeries and it’s unclear how much she will be able to handle in terms of driving the support car.

I also remember from last year’s Tour de France that the strain of that is almost as bad as what I endure cycling around like an idjit.

Driving short stretches, finding spots to short park, getting in and out of the car – whatever the weather – taking pictures, there’s more to it than meets the eye…

So, if needed, I will adjust my stages, prioritizing the climbs I really, really want to complete.

I will probably be running into many more attractive climbs I have not even scheduled in yet, which might also mean that I will drop climbs I did include in their favor.

For instance, I’ve cycled up the Stelvio from Bormio twice – I’m not dropping the climb from Prato – and both ends of the Gavia.

So, as beautiful as they may be, I might sacrifice those for some as of yet undiscovered gem.

Anyway, whatever the outcome, I’m tremendously looking forward to this year’s expedition to God’s backyard cycling paradise.

Please stay tuned for updates, as I will try to write daily post stage reports!

General info on my ‘Giro d’Italia’ expeditions here.

* The picture resembling the Stelvio in the header is the Passo Gardena from my Sella Ronda in 2011.

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