Giro d’Italia 2015 – Stage 7

Tori di Fraele & Bormio 2000

Today I was going to find out if there were going to be more stages in this year’s Giro.

The intensive treatment had done me good, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to cycle, let alone climb a mountain.

I planned a first stage from Bormio that was not too difficult – I did that when still at home, thinking I would need a “recovery” after the previous stage from Corvara to Bormio.

It involved the climb up to Bormio 2000 and I had the option to include the Torri di Fraele (Cancano) or not – I would know after Le Motte, a stinging climb of around 3 kilometers…

Giro 2105 - Torri di FraeleAs I felt confident after that climb that I would make it up the Torri, I turned left in Turri Piano and revisited the final climb of the Giro of 2011.

Sadly, the weather was not much better than it was back then – as I neared the summit, it started to rain harder, the wind got stronger and stronger and the temperature dropped to just above the freezing point.

We hurled back down to Turri quickly and onwards to Bormio. The climb up to Bormio 2000 didn’t look that difficult “on paper” so I decided to try and get up there too – I would abort if needed.

Which (obviously) never is an option, but all joking aside, I got up there relatively easy again. We had a great sandwich at Chiosco da Michele, after which I descended back to Bormio and on to Valdisotto.

I think that stages of between 50 and 75 kilometers are the best option for the next days. Altimeter  gain is not really relevant, as long as the grades do not consistently get over 10%.

That rules out some heroic shit I had planned, but so be it…