Giro d’Italia 2015 – Prologue

Campolongo & Falzarego

View from the apartment in CorvaraWe arrived just after 13:00 at our destination in Corvara, App. La Flu – the stunning view from the balcony of the apartment set me in the right mood immediately and the Campolongo practically runs through the backyard.

So after settling in – sorta – I got on “ze baik” for a short prologue…

I went up the Campolongo, which I hadn’t climbed in 2011 from this side.

As they are still working on the road, I had to get through some gravel-like patches, which in the first steep(er) section of the climb was not that easy.

Moreover, upon starting my ride, it started to rain – not too bad at first, but it got a little worse after a while.

As the climb is short, I had to start descending on a very wet and slippery road, with some treacherous cross winds to add to the fun.

Not a very hopeful start, but once I got to Arraba and turned left towards Andraz and Cernadoi, it all but stopped raining and it remained almost dry after that.Falzarego

Near Cernadoi, I turned left again, to climb the Falzarego.

After a coffee at the top of the Falzarego, I went up the final 1.5 kilometers or so of the Valparola, descended towards La Villa and headed back to Corvara.

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