The Rebel Has Moved

Back in the days, when I was riding “Gran Fondos” almost every week, I was reporting on those – and some other group activities – mainly for my Dutch visitors.

Over the years, the focus has shifted, as has my audience and I find it increasingly pointless to continue writing a bilingual blog on Cyclopaat’s adventures.

While moving the content, I’ve also been going through it to filter out the obsolete data (links to pages, sites and events that no longer exist or have also moved).

Had I also taken the opportunity to filter out all the crappy stuff, there wouldn’t have been much left to transfer.

But, as much as you hate to admit it, the stats on my (old) site show that you actually read that shit anyway.

So, although you have been warned about the hazard to your health, you will still adjust your bookmark and continue to do so.

And should you have any recommendations as on how to improve the site, do not hesitate to drop me a note. I will probably ignore it, but I like to see you try…

NL bezoekers die met alle geweld de oude heldenverhalen nog willen nalezen, kunnen altijd terecht op

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