Ready Or Not…

Tour de France 2014

I love to cycleJust 24 hours before we head off to the Alps for my own Tour de France 2014, I find myself to be excited and anxious at the same time.

Months of planning and training is coming to an end, “zee baik” is prepped and I’ve packed my bags.

I’m so ready to go… Or am I?

(And yes, I’m aware the Latin text in the image is not what that means.)

Sure, I’m looking forward to the breathtaking views as well as the physical effort required to get to them, although looking UP to a mountain is just as nice a looking down from one. As a flat-lander there’s little I enjoy more than mountain views.

However, I may have been a little very optimistic when plotting my stages, slightly vastly overestimating my capabilities.

Yes, I want to climb as many mountains as I can and no, I don’t want to lose any day(s) resting or recovering – I can recover when I get back to work – but I’m afraid I’ve planned more than I can take.

Since finishing the road book, I’ve already changed my mind about two or three stages. Not to make the total tour easier, but to avoid having to ride three 180 kilometer, 5,500+ altimeter trips in as many days. I might have been a little quite delusional when I drew them, but self-preservation trumps self-destruction, even for me…

And of course, the luxury of Paula accompanying me in my own “team car” is invaluable. Other than that I won’t have to stuff extra gear, food and drinks in my pockets, I’ll have a place to shelter, change clothes or catch my breath if needed.

Besides, she will tell me I’m a wimp when it looks like I might falter, subtly reminding me that we could have been on a sunny beach for less money and that it was against her advise to undertake this trip anyway.

I won’t let it come to that, so ready or not, here we go – keep your eye on these pages for hilarious boring reports on my endeavours, if you dare…

Tour de France 2014 – main page.

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  1. You will be fine!! You’ve trained for it and you have the best support crew!! Just have fun and be safe 🙂

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