Report: Sufferfest Knighthood DO

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Sufferfest Knighthood Quest

CliniClown LogoYesterday was D-Day or Sufferfest Knighthood Quest Day.

More importantly, it was fundraiser day for CliniClowns/Clown Doctors.

I already received over 500 Euros prior to my ride and/but I was expecting more to come in on the day itself.

And I’m I was hoping for some more the next couple of days -> which actually happened 🙂

So, at 7:00 AM I got started on the first video – I established a riding order, whereas number 10 was “open for debate”:


# Video Duration Start End
1 The Hunted 1:02:00 7:00 8:02
2 The Wretched 0:49:00 8:12 9:01
3 HHNF 1:15:00 9:11 10:26
4 Local Hero 1:26:00 10:36 12:02
5 Rubber Glove 1:00:00 12:12 13:12
6 AVDP 0:54:00 13:22 14:16
7 TINT 0:55:00 14:26 15:21
8 Angels 1:05:00 15:31 16:36
9 Fight Club 1:01:00 16:46 17:47
10 Revolver 0:47:00 17:57 18:44
ISLAGIATT 1:56:00 17:57 19:53

Keeping an eye on my heart rate, the virtual kilometers flew by, as the required speed to meet the target is actually quite high. TrainerRoad (software) just looks at your Watts and to reach that on the none-controlled Tacx, that means high speed<sup>1</sup>.

During Hell Hath No Fury, my tire blew up, or more accurately: it developed a bubble, much like another one about a month ago. I managed to finish the ride and used half my break to switch the wheel. Unfortunately, that one had a “mountain” cassette, so that gave me less gears to play with…

Anyway, other than that, the hours went by “smoothly” for a long time – Paula was taking care of sustenance and I had a counter reminding me to eat, but more importantly drink, in time. I tend to forget otherwise, until it is too late.

However, during There Is No Try, my left knee started to hurt and the increasing pain was bothering me. By the end of Angels I was really worried and I changed my mind on video 10, for I was thinking I would not last through ISLAGIATT anyway.

Better safe than sorry, so I “compromised” on the slightly longer Downward Spiral instead of Revolver.

Having completed the quest after that, I probably lost my ability to think straight.

The icing of the knee during the breaks had helped a bit, so in support of Simon Rhodes (who was “secretly” doing his attempt in the UK) and – not in the least – because I knew the taunting in the Facebook group would never end if I did not do at least “something” extra, I decided to go on.

I did not have many left to chose from: Violator (big NO), Blender (nearly destroyed me Wednesday and 1:44 too), the swapped Revolver or “It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time”.

That has the lowest IF, but obviously the highest stress score – I went for it anyway, because of the fitting title and if I would have to abort it, there was nothing lost.

The first 20 minutes where fine, also due to the euphoria of the completed KH quest, but after that, I regretted just about every second of it, until the last 10 minutes or so…

But I finished it, although it was a rather “erratic” ride.

All in all, I spent 14 hours and 15 minutes on the quest, 12 hours and 30 minutes on the bike, during which I covered 447.81 kilometers (278.26 miles).

And as a cherry on the cake, the donations had increased to 822.75 Euro!

I was going to keep a record of food and drink intake, but that didn’t happen. However, I mostly benefited from warm pancakes and either warm or cold chocolate milk.

Other than that, I had some buns (ham/cheese) and coffee. I used SiS Go Hydro tablets, hypotonic (Sponser Competition) and isotonic (Amacx) powder – I didn’t care much for gels and bars throughout the day.

I did weigh in at 74.9 kg and weighed out at 72.6 kg – this morning it was 72.1.

Thanks to all that have supported me – special thanks to Paula and Joe Martin and the whole amazing FB group! – and certainly a big THANK YOU for your kind donations!

Registration on Garmin here.

<sup>1</sup> If TR would only recognize it, or be able to control my Tacx, I could have set an incline and ride at a lower speed, but then again, Watts are Watts, so it didn’t influence the effort, only the virtual distance “travelled”…

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