Tour of Sufferlandria 2013

Please note that the Sufferfest is now part of Wahoo SYSTM. 

Tour of-SUF-leader-jersey
Tour of Sufferlandria Leader’s Jersey

With today’s double “The Wretched” and “The Long Scream”, the 6th stage in the “Tour of Sufferlandria” is done and dusted.

Just three more days of “IWBMATTKYT” and the whole tour is over…

I took the leader jersey, pictured here, right from stage 1 and it fits like a glove.

Anyone planning to take it from me, obviously doesn’t hold a Masters Degree in Probability, Mathematical Statistics, and Econometrics

To put it in simple terms you minions and peasants can understand: a snowball’s chance to survive an hour in hell, is infinitely greater…

Quite frankly, I’m more than a little bit sick with all those “poor bastards” who are complaining on the Facebook page of the event that it is all “so difficult” (demanding, tiring – whatever).

The simple fact that they have the time and energy to even post that sort of crap, shows that they are grossly exaggerating, taking their slacking for an “effort”…

From the submitted registrations, it’s clear that they are actually just taking the trouble of mounting the bike and keep the wheel spinning. While reading the newspaper or polishing their nails.

IF there even is a registration – more often than not, it’s just a bragging report (i.e. pathetic story) about how much they think they have suffered.

I’m not buying any of it and even while I am trying my best to make it a real effort, the truth is the whole thing (tour) is about as demanding as an afternoon shopping for clothes for/with the misses.

Of course, you’re not obligated to read any of it, but I hope that Grunter von Agony – the severely disturbed race director – will and that he will take adequate measures to prevent this from ever happening again.

I could give him a few suggestions, but for now I’m going to enjoy another nice flogging by his evil offspring – that is the Sufferlandrian equivalent of a massage…

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