Giro d’Italia 2011 – Rest Day

Rest Day

Giro 2105 - Torri di FraeleAs if to punish him, poor C. – having a well deserved day off – witnessed that the weather today was good.

Rain and more rain the previous three days, but not today 🙁

Hopefully, this weather will continue through tomorrow, because the ‘Mapei Day’ climb of the Stelvio will be more enjoyable, certainly since there also will be no motorized traffic during the event(s).

And if, after he returns to Bormio, the weather permits (as well as his personal condition), there is one more climb he would like to undertake.

One that was a surprise find today: from Valdidentro (or Turri Piano) up to the Torri di Fraele.

He and T. more or less stumbled upon it by accident – while driving up the hill from the backyard of the hotel, C. spotted what seemed like the outlook of a hairpin road, so they went to investigate.

It’s a climb not listed on anywhere else*, but the Torri di Fraele features a beautiful, winding road (some 20 hairpins) and has it’s summit at 1.941 meters; C. estimated that the climb is around 9 kilometers long, with some 650 – 700 altimeters, but if he undertakes it, the Garmin will tell for sure.

First, he’s going to get up the Stelvio – again 🙂

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Torri-Di-Fraele* It wasn’t at the time, but it has been getting more attention since and the Giro Rosa has even included it in a 2019 stage.






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